You’ve landed here because…

  • You’re looking for someone to help you put a plan in place for making the most out of your retirement.
  • You’re looking for a pure fiduciary you can trust to answer all your “what if’s” and demystify the financial jargon thrown around by Wall Street.
  • You want to be able to rest comfortably at night knowing your hard earned money is always being monitored in a responsible manner.
  • You know having a trusted advisor to help avoid small mistakes and ensure you're on the right path can have compounding effects over time.
  • You understand that partnering with a fiduciary is invaluable – as it let’s you outsource your time and focus on enjoying retirement to its fullest.
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Who We Work With

It’s important to find a financial advisor who’s a good fit for you. And figuring that out starts with knowing who they serve.

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Retirees (and those close to it)

Our clients are actively looking for an optimal way to approach the complexities of retirement. Whether they're currently in retirement or several years out, our unique Wealth by Design planning process will solve just that.
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Medical Professionals

We help people in all professions prepare for retirement. However, we do offer specialized planning for APPs, physicians, and other practitioners who are approaching retirement and those who are straight out of residency.
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Diligent savers

We work with many clients that have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $1 million or more.
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Nice People

We've built our practice for amazing individuals who place their trust in a competent advisor that can help them make the most out of their retirement.
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How Do I Get Started?

Financial planning isn’t something you can just copy-and-paste. (At least, good advice isn’t.) It’s unique to your financial situation and goals. But that level of care takes time and attention. For that reason, we only take on a select number of clients at a time to work with through our Wealth by Design planning process.

Our 5-Step process below is designed to help us determine who's a good fit, so we can form the best long-term client relationships and provide top-notch advice.

Our 5-Step Process

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1 - 

Tell Us About Yourself

This is an initial 15-minute meet-and-greet, where we chat about your needs and see if we’re a good fit. We’ll ask about your goals and discuss the type of planning you’re interested in. And we’ll answer any questions you have about us, too.

If everything checks out, and we’re both comfortable moving forward, we’ll schedule a discovery meeting to get to know you better and dive deeper into your current financial situation.

2 - 

Get To Know "You" Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know you. We’ll go over your current plan (if there’s one already in place), and get a deeper understanding of what motivates you.

The point is to get a clear picture of your situation and mindset, so we can make the best recommendations tailored to you.

Meeting Fee Only Financial Planner Irvine California
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3 - 

Stress Test & Analysis

After our meeting, we’ll take the information you gave us and run a stress test. This will help us see how effectively your current financial plan can hold up over time.

We’ll also look at the effectiveness of your financial plan as a whole to see if you’re on track to meeting your financial goals or if changes need to be made.

4 - 

Reporting Our Findings

At this point, we’ll circle back to share the results with you (both the good and the bad) in a second meeting. This discussion is designed to provide you with greater clarity about your finances and the plan you’re currently following.

We’ll also take some time to share our proposed approach to improving and managing your finances successfully. (Without all the jargon and financial mumbo-jumbo).

We encourage you to take a step back, review the results and think about it on your own. We’ll plan a follow-up call and assuming our firm can truly add value to your financial life, both you and our team will decide to work together.

Analytics Fee Only Financial Planner Orange County California
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5 - 

Mutual Commitment Meeting

We know that choosing a financial advisor takes time, and we don’t want you to rush your decision. We're looking for long term client relationships and not just a quick transaction.

We'll reach back out and there’s absolutely no pressure, though. The call is simply a check-in and not a sales pitch.

No matter what you decide to do from here, there are no hard feelings. It's important you feel confident in your decision to move forward and you take as much time to do so.

Should we both decide to work together, you’ll now officially become a client and we’ll schedule our first real advisor client meeting where we'll get you started with our Wealth by Design planning process.

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